Our classes are fun, informative and effective.

Our classes are fun, informative and effective.

Class Descriptions

Group Classes

At the Pilates Loft, class size is up to 7 people so you will get the individual attention that Pilates requires.  This also will ensure that The Pilates Method is delivered effectively.  We have contemporary Pilates repertoire classes and fitness classes that utilize the STOTT Pilates Method.  We make use of props unique to STOTT Pilates to give you an effective and safe workout. These classes are designed to get your heart rate up, to get the sweat beads dropping, and to get you in optimal condition.

Class Descriptions

Mixed Reformer

This offers a combination of essential, intermediate, and occasionally advanced repertoire using the Cadillac of Pilates reformers: the V2Max Plus™ Reformer. This class encourages the participant to work at the level that is appropriate for them, yet also challenging for them. This is our standard Pilates reformer class. This class flows at a moderate pace, using your knowledge of the Pilates Principles and essential exercises, instructors will encourage participants to find the right level for them in that moment. Instructors may use the tower while on the reformer and offer progressions or modifications on an individual basis, if needed.


The Tower is an apparatus that is attached to the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer, but offers a more stable surface than the reformer. Individuals will sit, stand or lie down on the table and work with resistance springs that are attached to a Tower. In addition, the pulleys travel up and down on the vertical frame giving variable angles of resistance. This class is designed to build strength, flexibility and muscular endurance. This class includes use of the Roll Down Bar, Push-Through Bar, Leg Springs, Arm Springs, Mat exercises, and small props

Athletic Conditioning on the Reformer

This class is designed to integrate the benefits of Pilates using sport conditioning movement patterns to improve strength, agility, flexibility and power.  This class will concentrate on rotational power, unilateral and weight transfer movement patterns using the reformer, tower, and props.

Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder

Discover how to combine progressive plyometric intervals, varying both in length and intensity, with muscular strength and endurance moves on the vertical mini trampoline. This stimulates both cardiovascular and muscular effectiveness, and is ideal for both the recreational and professional athlete. This class features non-traditional Pilates exercises that use the incredible diversity of the Reformer to effectively train both concentric and eccentric muscular ability.

Cardio Circuit Reformer

Vertical frames. Cardio-Tramps. Halo, Props, bands, dumbbells, etc. Imagine a class where the instructor throws everything, and the kitchen sink at you, then you have Cardio Circuit Reformer. This class is perfect for the seasoned reformer student and designed to keep your heart rate up.

Pilates Barre

Our trainers integrate elements of Pilates, dance, and strength. This total body workout performs small movements that improve your balance, flexibility, and stability, burns fat and builds strength.

Fascial Release

Fascia is the connective tissue that binds us together!  This also deserves some attention.  When connective tissue is free to move the muscles and joints they surround begin to move with more agility, control, and precision. Use blocks for deep release, or flex bands, domes, massage rollers, and more.  Using the breath to release tension in the body will hydrate the fascia and allow your posture to improve and pain to diminish.  Let the healing begin.